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Options For Turning Your Loved One's Ashes Into Jewellery

When a loved one is cremated, you may know what they want you to do with their ashes. However, oftentimes, it's left up to the family to make that decision, and it can be a tough decision to make. Some people choose to keep the ashes, while others choose to scatter them in a place that was special to their loved one. Another option has been gaining popularity in recent years. You may not have realised this was possible, but you can have your loved one's ashes incorporated into jewellery. This allows you to keep them close to you, which some people find comforting. Here are a few ways cremation ashes can be incorporated into jewellery:

Urn Charm

An urn charm is simply a mini urn that is used on a necklace or bracelet. A small quantity of a loved one's ashes can be placed in the urn, and the urn is then sealed closed to prevent any spillage. There are a range of urn charms available, including charms with intricate carved detailing and glass urns that allow you to see the ashes being held inside. An urn charm is a low-cost way to incorporate your loved one's ashes into jewellery but typically doesn't allow for any personalisation.

Cremation Beads

Cremation beads are a little more expensive than urn charms, but they're also very versatile. They are made by melting down glass and mixing the ashes into the molten glass before pouring into bead moulds. The glass can be coloured, which allows you to choose a colour with sentimental meaning, such as your loved one's favourite colour or their birthstone colour, if you would like. Beads can be incorporated into a necklace or bracelet and allow you to create your own personalised piece.

Cremation Pendants

Cremation pendants are made in a similar way to cremation beads but are much more customisable. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes and colours, and pendants can be made into art pieces. For example, if your loved one enjoyed the beach, the pendant can be made with a seashell pattern or made to look like a mini seaside theme. Alternatively, iridescent powders can be used to create a starry night sky scene on your pendant, and the ashes can be used to create a trail coming from a shooting star.

If you have an idea for using your loved one's ashes in jewellery, speak with a local jeweller who offers cremation jewellery. They can discuss your options with you and help you design a piece that you love.

For more information about ashes jewellery, contact a local professional.